25 February 2020

Quebec Superior Court file #



Medications containing acetyl-para-aminophenol were manufactured and sold by Johnson & Johnson under the brand name Tylenol. Johnson & Johnson misled consumers by omitting to disclose and properly caution against serious risks and major side effects related to these products, including risk of death and acute liver failure requiring a liver transplant.

This class action seeks compensatory and punitive damages for the Class.

The Class Definition

All of the consumers residing in Quebec who bought between October 23, 2015, and December 12, 2017, the Tylenol products, listed below, manufactured and/or sold and/or marketed by Johnson & Johnson Inc. containing acetaminophen alone or in combination with other medications.

“Tylenol Products”


  • TYLENOL Rapid Release Gels
  • TYLENOL Extra Strength
  • TYLENOL Liquid Gels
  • TYLENOL Regular Strength
  • TYLENOL Ultra Relief
  • TYLENOL Muscle Aches & Body Pain
  • TYLENOL Back Pain
  • TYLENOL Arthritis Pain
  • TYLENOL NUIT Extra Fort
  • TYLENOL Body Pain Night
  • TYLENOL Complete Cold, Cough & Flu
  • TYLENOL Complete Cold, Cough & Flu Plus Mucus Relief Liquid Gels
  • TYLENOL Complete Cold, Cough & Flu Plus Mucus Relief Syrup
  • TYLENOL Complete Cold, Cough & Flu Plus Mucus Relief Nighttime Syrup
  • TYLENOL Cold
  • TYLENOL Cough
  • TYLENOL Cold & Sinus
  • TYLENOL Sinus

Infants and Children:

  • Infants’ TYLENOL Drops
  • Infants’ TYLENOL Fever & Sore Throat Pain
  • Children’s TYLENOL Liquid
  • Children’s TYLENOL Chewables
  • TYLENOL Fièvre et mal de gorge, pour enfants
  • Junior Strength Children’s TYLENOL FASTMELTS
  • Children’s TYLENOL Cold & Stuffy Nose
  • Children’s TYLENOL Cold
  • Children’s TYLENOL Cold & Cough Nighttime
  • Children’s TYLENOL Cold & Cough
  • Children’s TYLENOL Complete Cold Cough & Fever
  • Children’s TYLENOL Complete Cold Cough & Fever Nighttime

Remedies sought for consumers

Compensatory damages for class members in amounts to be determined, as well as punitive damages.


Authorized by the Superior Court on February 25, 2020

Files – Tylenol Class Action

Judgment on leave to authorize a class action – February 25, 2020

Re-amended Motion for Authorization to Institute a Class Action –July 10, 2019

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Tylenol Class Action

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Under Quebec law, you are automatically included in the class action insofar as you fall within the Class definition. Thus, no need for you to complete any other formality to be part of this class action. We do encourage you to complete the form below if you wish to be kept informed of developments in this case.

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