Office Manager

Ghita has been responsible for the management of global operations at Renno Vathilakis since the launch of the firm in March 2015. Her main functions consist of managing the accounting and bookkeeping process, including client invoicing, verification, and processing of accounts payable, receivable and expenses, as well as the production and analysis of various follow up reports. Many human resources mandates have also been assigned to her, relating to the preparation of payroll, the management of the group insurance program, the acquisition of new talent for the support staff portion, as well as social media and the organization of corporate events.

Before joining RenVath, Ghita worked for more than three years in a Montreal boutique firm specializing in commercial litigation.

Passionate about dance, Ghita participates regularly in national and international Latin dance competitions, representing Montreal and Canada. She is also active in the field of human development and has completed university studies in international cooperation and solidarity. Involved in active politics at the provincial level, Ghita is running as a candidate in the next general election in October 2022.

514 937-1221 Ext. 457

514 221-4510